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Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness & Exercise

Posted Dec 10 2008 3:19pm
Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy and After Pregnancy

Scientific studies consistently confirm the numerous and outstanding benefits of exercise during pregnancy both for the mother and her developing baby. These benefits are now widely recognized throughout the medical, birthing, and fitness communities.
The majority of studies on exercise during pregnancy collected data from previously fit and healthy women who continued their already active and healthy lifestyles during their pregnancies.

Prenancy Presents a Unique Motivation to Begin or Continue an Exercise Program

Pregnancy affords a unique window of opportunity for women to actively engage in health-enhancing activities, including exercise. Maternal concern for her baby increases the mother’s motivation to form better health habits during pregnancy. Physically active women are more likely to adopt other healthy lifestyle choices. Good habits established at this time can last a lifetime and provide profound benefits for the mother, baby, and other family members.

During Labor and Delivery, Fit Women Experience:

- Easier adaptation to the lower-intensity endurance activity of early labor
- Shorter first and second stages of labor
- Enhanced pain tolerance
- Increased stamina for labor and delivery, with less perceived exertion during labor
- Lower Incidences of intervention during labor
- Substantially fewer caesarian births
- Good pelvis muscle tone - resulting in fewer episiotomies/tearing
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