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Pregnant still she is

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:25pm
Not sure why I wrote that title in Yoda-talk, but, that's the way my hands typed it.....

But, yes, as proclaimed in good Yoda fashion, my 3rd beta was good! Based on doubling, we were looking for it to be at least 348 and it was 579! Yahoo!

The only unexpected thing is that they found that my thyroid level was slightly elevated. As of my last full blood panel, it was fine, but, I did some research last night and found that they can start to elevate as early as 4 weeks pregnant. Elevated thyroid numbers are linked to an increased risk of miscarriage. Now, before anyone worries about me, my level is only very slightly elevated. The general consensus is that anything under 3.0 is OK for pregnant women. My clinic is slightly more conservative, using 2.5 as their marker. Mine was a whopping 3.1. But, I'm so glad I go to a clinic that is diligent!! So, I started on a very low dose of Synthroid today and, hopefully, that should do the trick.

Next stop - ultrasound on Friday!!
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