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pregnant spitting up mucus

Posted by rach

Im 14 weeks pregnant with twins  i spit all the time i have a wash clothe im my mouth im getting very dyhadrated alot my mouth is dry my tounge is cracked but i also spit up alot of clear mucus somtimes its yellow greenish and it makes me feel sick and i know its not the morning sickness its the mucus is there anything i can take or do ? i also had this with my 2 other pregnancys but not the mucus
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I"m 13 weeks pegnant with twins and I am doing the same thing but the mucus for me is always clear. The consitancy is sometimes way thicker than other times. When it gets too thick I take plain Robitussin to thin it out or it just makes me throw up more. If I don't thin it out, it is like it gets stuck in my throat and will not go up or down and makes it hard to throw up. The hacking sound I make while trying to throw it up sounds like I'm having major medical problems when it's just thick mucus not wanting to budge. Sleeping on your left side with the head of your bed elevated 30 degrees will help with the drainage. I also sleep in the recliner at times but it is a rough nights sleep, just not as rough as it would be if I tried to lay down flat.
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