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Pregnancy Test Giveaway

Posted Sep 21 2009 10:14pm 5 Comments
I am not trying to get pregnant. Me and my birth control pills are tight. We're like BFFs. Or at least BFUNSATE (best friends until next September at the earliest). Yeah, we're THAT close.

Last cycle, my period was a huge no-show. Which is rude. Because I totally took my pill every single day that month. I think. Pretty much. Ok, whatever.

This lack of period sent me on a frantic search for pregnancy tests. I was pretty sure I might have one left over from when I was trying to get pregnant with Jocelyn. I didn't just find one test, I found the mother lode of pregnancy and ovulation tests. Seriously, there was a bag of them. I totally love

I took a couple over a few days and they were all negative. Whew. Crisis averted.

But I did notice a problem. The ovulation tests expired a year ago. Those went into the trash. These pregnancy tests expire December 2009. I am not going to use these tests.

I can't just toss the tests. They are still good and pregnancy tests are usually expensive.

Therefore, I have 20 pregnancy tests to give away to you. These are individually wrapped, pregnancy test strips with instructions for use here.

If you may need some pregnancy tests, leave a comment with your email.

Know someone who may need some? Leave a comment or send them on by to leave a comment of their own.

Tweet, email, etc. Get the world out that I'm giving away free pregnancy tests.

I'll be sending 4 people randomly selected 5 pregnancy tests each.

Taking comments until September 25th at 11:59pm. I will post and contact the winners Saturday the 26th.

This giveaway was purchased by me. This is not a sponsored post in any way.
Comments (5)
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Hello I am in a bind I do need the tests, I've missed my period went to go take test it came up neg, but still no period, email is
ill take as many pregnancy test you have i have been geting positive and negitive test from stors so please help me out

Try to use this ovulation calendar tool to trace your cycle and find the date of ovulation.

Hello my name is Melissa , and I am the proude mommy of Zoé 4 years , the other day my daughter looked at my stomach and touched it and told me " you have a baby in your belly mama " this obviously freaked me out since I was not planning on getting pregnant right away so I checked my calander and sure enough I was 11 days late ( now 14 days late ) This is not like my body to be late , and I have just recently lost my job , so all my money goes for the morgage , daughter , food ect.... No money for tests , I would really appreciate it. Thank you so very much.
my name is jaylee i am 20  yrs old and i live in a small town and i really dont want everyone knowing that i am even thinking that i am pregnant. i have never been pregnant before but i am having all the symptoms. sore breast, lower back pains, fatigue, and frequent urination. i dont know what else to do. if you can help me my e-mail is please help me.
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