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Pregnancy or something else?

Posted by FLB32

I have a 28 day cycle every month. My last regular cycle was Aug 28th. For sept I only had spotting on the 25th-27th.. I only had anything when I wiped, and it was rust brown color only one time a string of red when wiped, other than that it was nothing. I have a heavy flow that requires super tamp and pads every month. I have been naseous since the 23rd of sept and could not keep anything down since the 2nd of october. I have headaches daily at different times throughout the day, dizziness (only twice) and breast are fine. I have to urinate frequently. Normally I would only urinate 3 -4 times a day now I am going 4-6 times that. I have a few back pains but that is normal for me i have always had back pain. I have had 4 negative HPT's and I did a serum(blood) test on the 1st of october and it was negative as well. WHAT CAN THIS BE?!?!?!? Could I really be pregnant and it still too early? or what else?!?!? I was told I might just have cervical cancer by someone I work with (not comforting) but I have so many signs of pregnancy. I think I ovulated late beacuse whe I tested when I normally do I never had a LH surge, so I just stopped testing, thinking I just didnt ovulate that month...could I of ovulated later and then concieved? Everyone thinks I am preg but I keep telling them NO since I dont have the proof on the stick! Help me... What is going on!?!?! Preg or not?!?!? 
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it sounds as though perhaps you are going through an annovulatory cycle based on the information you gave provided.

The beta blood draw can detect even the smallest amount of hCG so I am inclined to believe that test result (because urine tests can sometimes be inconclusive and various brands have various levels of sensitivity).

I would suggest you asking for a blood draw to determine what your progesterone levels are- that should tell you if you ovulated or not in the last few days or so

Thanks. The only thing is I always ovulate so I don't know why all of a sudden I wouldnt this one month...I ovulated the month before in August so I dont get why I wouldnt in Sept. My doctor said that people ovulate at different times so couldn't I have just ovulated late I only tested from day 10-day 14 then stopped testing. Maybe I should have continued through til I saw I ovulated? I am confused, I have normal pregnancy symptoms but no levels are detected.
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