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Preemie Experience – prefers the right side

Posted Jan 13 2011 4:19pm


Fed T1 at 9am.  He prefers the right side.  My left nipple is a little funny.  When he comes home and we go to the breastfeeding clinic we will have them check it out.  (Looking back now, I think all my boys preferred the right side.  Maybe my left side is not as tasty?  :)   Either way all my boys nursed successfully.)

Mom and I are going to the baby store – then to lunch then back at noon.  Depending on what they say and how I feel we might come back for the 3:00 feeding, but we’ll see.  I’ll definitely come back for the 9:00 one.

We need to get some bottles, a breastfeeding pillow, eurobath.

Jean and Dick sent us $50, NanaNa is sending some $.  Dad and Fran will buy us a dresser changing table.  Rob needs to put the car seat in the car and build the Co-Sleeper and attach it to the bed.  Then we will be ready for him to come home.  It will be a long day.

10AM CRP is still 2.7 – will stay on antibiotics another day.  Then they are going to do another urinalysis

He definitely prefers my right breast.  We are heading home and I think we won’t come back at 3:00, so he can rest up.  He only ate 5ml from the bottle after my breast.  But he only did one side really.

(We lived about 20 minutes from the hospital.  My physical recovery from the cesarean was going slowly.  I was truly exhausted and my body hurt.  I wanted to see my baby so much more, but physically it was hard to.)

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