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power to shower

Posted Jul 31 2009 10:00am

There are many things we, as Baby Bunching moms, sacrifice. No longer could I wear black clothes (shirts/pants) because they were a target for smelly baby spit up. And forget about the white clothes (shirts/pants/skirts) which were a target for toddler's colored foods or chalked-up hands. I gave up trying to pee in peace because sometimes I never even got around to peeing. I gave up sitting down to eat since eating on the run or even in the car seemed easier at times.

But showering? No way could I give that up.

Showering can be more than just water and some shampoo. A shower, no matter how short it is, can be a retreat and a way to start over. (Even with kids in the bathroom with me.) There is something so wonderful about steam and sweet smelling soaps. Perhaps it's because it washes off the stench of spit up and pee. But getting a shower with two little monkeys can definitely be difficult. It was rare I actually skipped a shower mainly because as a curly-haired girl it's damn near impossible to skip too many days without a washing or I I risked looking like some scary beast. But even a shower in the early days of Baby Bunching changed the tone of the day...and still does. For some reason I function more efficiently and parent better after a shower. Yes, the shower is very powerful!  

So how do you make it happen. Here are a few configurations that might help you get the relief you need.

1) Shower before your kids get up.
2) Shower while both kids are napping.
3) Bring bouncy seat into the bathroom for baby. Put toddler in crib to play with toys/books. Or put both kids in cribs to play.
4) Put toddler in front of DVD while baby is napping.
5) While toddler is napping, bring baby into bathroom with you.
6) Bring toddler into bathroom with you (and a few toys) and while baby is napping.
7) Bring Megasaucer into bathroom with you while both kids play.
8) Use playgroup time with other moms around to quickly shower. Seriously! No one who really loves you will mind.
9) Get a mother's helper and use that time to shower. Take a long one since you're paying someone.
10) Shower at night when kids go to bed.

Feel free to share some of your tips for getting in a shower with two under two.

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