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Potty Training Bootcamp - Part 2

Posted Nov 22 2010 12:00am
The bootcamp command post is being investigated for giving out too many Smarties for not enough urine. Also, mini peppermint patties MAY have been added to the mix. The bottom line is that we're losing the battle. And I hate losing.

Seriously though, I'm not a potty training fan. Although I suppose that would not make me unique. It is testing every last shred of patience I have. I lie in bed at night and exclaim (to no one in particular), "Why would anyone prefer a diaper over a cute potty that sings?" There is usually no response, because any reasonable answer (she needs to figure out the cues / she's used to diapers / potty peeing is a whole new thing to learn) would inflame me even more. I'm not *mad* with the kidlet. I'm ticked at myself and my lack of patience.

This weekend brought with it many "oops" and paper towels. I've done a lot of laundry, and have cleaned up a number of accidents very, very close to the smiling, ready-and-waiting potty. I had a girls night out on Saturday, and received the best text from Adam: "Up to 5 sits on the potty. No pee yet - no accidents either. The suspense is killing me."

Then, finally, last night we had a breakthrough. After a weekend of literally no potty action - success. She was so proud of herself she ran all over the house shrieking about how she peed on the potty. Naked. Love that kid. Fingers crossed we're on our way.
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