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Post-Partum Weight Loss

Posted Oct 06 2009 10:01pm
Those of you that know me, knew this post was coming... You just probably didn't realize it would appear this soon. :)

Losing my baby weight is a big deal to me. I don't want to be the woman with two 10 month olds is still asked when she is due. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to be able to wear my old jeans and do so comfortably. These are very lofty goals.

With Bo, I gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy. I weighed in at 187 pounds before I gave birth to Bo. I did manage to lose the weight and managed to reach about 130, while still breastfeeding. However, I jumped back on the infertility roller coaster just one week after I finished breastfeeding and ended up at about 137 at the end of my IVF cycle that conceived the twins.

Last week, I weighed in at 182 pounds before the girls births. Almost 10 of those pounds were gained in the last two weeks of the pregnancy and were obviously water weight. Nearly 14 pounds was the girls themselves, not including the placentas and all that jazz. This morning, exactly one week post- partum, I weighed in at 152 pounds. I'm counting this as my "starting weight" since I have obviously lost a lot of the water weight and can now see my ankles again.

I still have a significant stomach but it does seem to be becoming smaller each day. I was the lucky winner of a Belly Bandit over at Two of a Kind Working on a Full House and I am anxious for it to arrive to see if it helps any with the belly issue. We won't talk about the skin on the stomach in this post -- that's a whole other issue...

Don't fret, I don't plan to start actively trying to lose weight at this point. I will at least wait until after my 6 week checkup. I won 3 months of free Weight Watchers online on another blog right after I found out I was pregnant, so I have been saving those months. Does anyone know if exclusively breastfeeding twins warrants more points than exclusively breastfeeding a singleton? And if so, how many?

Currently, I just can't imagine counting points. My milk isn't totally established yet and my hunger is overwhelming. I am struggling to eat and drink enough to keep up with it. I look forward to when my milk is more regulated and I can start to gain a little control over the eating. I also need to work on the mint issue. The mint cravings have not gone away. I am currently eating 4-6 mini peppermint patties a day plus at least 2 rolls of Breathsavers. I think I have an issue and an intervention is going to be needed to break the habit.

Once the twins have a more solid schedule, I hope to be able to fit in some time on the treadmill that we purchased just days before I found out I was pregnant. Hopefully I will be motivated to do it by all of the blog reading I can do with my surf shelf. I've been trying to keep up with blogs on my phone but I still have over 700 unread posts. Treadmill time will be a great time to keep up with all of you!

Eventually, I'd like to join the local Y (with 2 hours of free childcare per day!! woo!) but the girls have to be at least 6 months old and I know it will be awhile before I will feel comfortable leaving them anyway.

My goal weight is 125 pounds. This is a healthy weight for me and one where I feel comfortable. During my pageant days I weighed about 110, but I honestly don't feel that was a healthy weight for me. (BTW: Have any of you seen the Beauty Pageant episode of Parks and Recreation? Pretty funny stuff...) If I weigh 125 I'll easily fit into all of my clothes and I should be pretty healthy as well. (I'm 5 feet 4 inches).

Why am I posting all of this here? Mostly, to enable all of my blog friends to keep me accountable. Don't let me become that woman that lets her weight plateau and wears the same ratty sweatpants every day (clean sweatpants are important... :)). When you see the tweets where I am debating stepping on the treadmill or pondering eating a whole peach pie, support would be appreciated. :)

What did you do to lose the post- partum weight? What worked for you? What advice do you have for me and others at this stage of the game?
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