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Positive Pregnancy Test

Posted by Ngirl

I am 26 years old. I have just begun my journey through nursing school. It has been a stressful semester but I passed. Last week I started having mild cramping. The kind that I usually get before my period. But no period. My breasts are sore and last month I stopped taking my birth control because I kept forgeting to take them and I would have to "double up" to keep up. I was not having sex at the time but I started but with protection. It's been a week and still no period. I couldn't take not knowing and brought a pregnancy test. Very faint line but positive. I should be happy right now but I'm not. The dad's a dead beat (already have a child with them), I'm in nursing school, not financially ready for another one. What I want to know is what do you guys think. I'm still cramping and I have been reading about chemical pregnancies. Is that why I have been cramping? Is that why the line on my pregnancy test was faint? Your advice is greatly appreciate (good or bad)
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