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Poop and a Rash...they both belong in the Crapper.

Posted Jul 23 2010 6:28am
Today began with a potty chair (skip to next paragraph if you have a weak stomach......................................)  filled with number 1 AND 2 being dumped into the bathroom sink.  Na-sty doesn't begin to describe the task of cleaning up after this little two-year-old escapade before I had taken my first sip of coffee this morning.

Now that I've chugged half a cup a' joe like a sorority chic downs a cheap beer, we can get down to business.  I've been MIA of late for a couple of reasons

  1. I was on "vacation".  Quotes are necessary when the said time away included a drive of 600 miles each way and a two year old and extended family were all involved in the situation.  Don't get me wrong, it all worked out swimmingly (pun intended) and lots of fun was had; the family got along, the toddler didn't make the drive suck too badly, and we got home alive even with my typically road-rage aggressive hubby at the helm. 
  2. My son has a horrible, contagious, supposedly incurable virus that is literally driving me BS freakin' C .  He's got molluscum contagiosum which medical doctors seem to believe has the importance of a hangnail, but which is so frustrating and irritating that there are multiple online support groups for people with it.  I mean seriously, this nightmare, the term thousands of mothers in webby-land are using to describe the time period when their children have molluscum, is enough to cause an anxiety nose-dive off the cliff of sanity.  (Insert significant sympathy and condolences to Kim at Make Mommy go something something because she had a horrible rash a few months ago that caused a major shake-up in her household.  I think she's feeling better...and I am so glad!)  If you have any suggestions for me regarding getting this rash to take a permanent hike, please, please, dear God, please email me .
  3. The good news...answered prayer busyness!  There is finally a resource for women around the state of Georgia (and beyond, because, you know, who says that you have to live in a certain state or even in the US to join in an online conversation?) that is completely and totally accessible and affordable FREE!  Cafemom has partnered with MHA of Georgia...and as a result moi!  This basically means that there is a group available to you 24-7 and a weekly chat event: a virtual Postpartum Support Group that I will facilitate.  Of course I will still be hosting the monthly Atlanta in-person support group and when time allows expanding that to other metro areas so that there are a couple of in-person options each month for women who live in this part of the state.  But, how cool is it that we have a central place to be in conversation all month long and where women who live hours away can just hop into a chat room on Wednesdays at 1pm (beginning on August 11) during their child's nap or lunch-break at work?  So, here's what I need you to do...
  • Go to  Cafemom and click "Join Now".  They'll only ask you for a few pieces of information and then you will have a log-in created.  
  • Once you've done that, you can log-in to the site and go directly to the Georgia Postpartum Support group.  You'll need to join that group on that page and then you can chime in on the conversation.  Becky at Cafemom, Leah at MHA and I have been working hard and posting interesting resources and questions for the past week or so.  But, like a buffet-line at a wedding, no one seems to want to go first.  Double smooches to the mama who posts the first reply there!!! ;-)

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