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Plugged in

Posted Oct 22 2010 12:00am
I've been thinking about this for a while, the idea that *maybe* I'm too addicted to my personal electronic devices and the communities I enjoy with them (oh, how I heart Twitter).

In fairness, I do need to be plugged in for work: I wouldn't be able to make a living without the internet, email, and I could even make a case for Twitter being a "must-have." However, the other night after a particularly busy day of Twitter flurry, I asked the kidlet if she wanted to build a "hashtag" with her blocks. I meant to say "tower", because that's a fave game of ours right now (build it so she can immediately knock it down). If you don't know what a hashtag is, don't worry. It won't really change your life that much. But in case you want to know, check it out here .

The truth is my Blackberry is never far from my fingers, my laptop is open frequently, I tweet a lot, visit facebook occasionally, and love chatting with the online communities I'm a part of, including on this blog. I wonder what I might do (accomplish) if I unplugged for a bit. Say after 6pm every night I went electronics "dark." I could read my book (and not on our i.Pad, maybe a real, page-turning book?) I could write the novel I hope to finish one day. I could chat with the hubby (who would also need to put down his new i.Phone4 and stop playing some game called "Angry Birds"). I could clean out junk drawers, or pull out my painting supplies (art, not walls). I could chat on the *gasp* phone with a friend or family member. These are all things I enjoy. So it makes sense to spend more time doing them. But I also get a lot of enjoyment from what I can do with my BB, my laptop, our i.Pad, and all the social media stuff I do.

So therein lies my dilemma. Should I feel guilty for all the time I spend "plugged in"? I don't like feeling guilty. But sometimes I do. Like right now - as I'm writing this blog post, my BB is beside me flashing its teasing red light announcing a new email/tweet/text, and the kidlet is eating her breakfast. So I'm going to stop here, and go spend some face to face time with her.

But I am curious - how plugged in are you? Too much? Not enough?
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