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please help me ,please reply to me soon

Posted by annaanna

I have been married for one year and 7 months , My husband and I would like to get pregnant this year I have never used birth control pills we have been doign the pull out method all this while so JAN 2013 was our first attempt

- I got my periods on the 12th Jan 2013

- I ovulated on the 25th

- we had intercourse on the 25th /26th /27th

I did so many home preg test they are all negative up to date.

I did my first blood test on the 6th feb -it was negative

2nd blood test 21st feb -negative

Initialy i was havning sysmptoms like fatig/blooted /tired/craps slight crpams on my lower belly . but now i feel nothing .

but on the 19th there were blood on my panty , just that day I think it was spotting

I still havent got my periods  , please help me I am goign crazy I really need to know if i am pregnant or what is it then that delaying my periods ?

 please ..

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