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please help ... im so confused

Posted by ana

i just finished my period and a few days after that i hade unprotected sex 3 times (the pull out mehod) then 2 weks later i got my period but it was bright red blood with a little cramping and lasted 4 days. A week after that i went to the toilet and when i whiped i found a little peice of red string, it looked like a noodle/blood vessel/string/vein about 2 cms long. then almost a week after that i had a fluttering feeling in the left lower part of my stomach and also a pulling sensation or a pinch in various areas of my stomach from the inside. ive done 3 urine tests and one blood test and they were all negative. Can anyone realte to this? i would particulary like to know about the red blood string that was in my white discharge. has anyone had it and does anyne know what it is?
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In my opinion, the red blood string sounds like a piece of the uterine lining. 


How long was the original bleed (where you say "I just finished my period and a few days after...")??   

Do you use a reliable method of birth control regularly?  Do you have regular cycles?


The negative tests (especially the blood beta) lead me to believe that you are not pregnant, but there appears something unusual  going on.


Dayzofrain - do you think the red string was because of ovulation or implanting?



also the past few days i have had pulling sensations in my lower stonach area and the vagina bit and also my eye is twicthing on and off for days now. but the blood test said negative.


whats happening?


When you mention that you had a four day bleed with bright red blood... leads me to believe that was somehow your period... did you take any hormones between the time you had unprotected sex and this bleed began?


If so then you could very well be experiencing post-ovulation symtoms- basically your luteal phase.  That would explain the negative beta and the crampy feeling.


im not on or have never taken any contraceptive pill and at the time sex happend there was no protection. i usually have regualr periods and have never experienced the red blood string before. my periods always come every month either a day or two forward or back. never a week and a half like the last one did that was bright red. it just seems a bit weird. and the pulling or sharp pains in the lower stomach which i can feel but are not painfull at all just like a pinch and also a tickle feeling right near the right ovary.



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