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Planning for pregnancy

Posted by Sara

I have polyhesthesis ovaries for pass 3-4 yrs and i got married 2 yrs back as we didnt want a child i used a birth control pill called genett for 2 yrs now i want to get pregant as both of us want a child........but the case is that when i stop my pills i do not get my periods for months.......and in that case it means that there in no ovaulation taking i want to get pregnant...what should i do to get pregant.........Seconddly they say there are very less chaces of pregnancy in cases of polyhesthesis oviers is that true, and also a chances of abortion is that tru please could you tell me what should i do
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First you should go to your primary care physican or your GYN and let them know that you and your partner would like to start trying to conceive. They should do a Fertility work-up and since you have a history of long cycles then they may start you straight away on a cycle of pills that will help you both to ovulate and to end your cycle should it prove to be unsuccessful.

For me I am on Clomid cycle days 5-9 then on progesterone suppositories for 13 days (3 days past ovulation-DPO- to 14 DPO) then I take a pregnancy test before I stop the progesterone (which brings on my bleed- starting a new cycle).

thanks.i will surelly take your advice, i also want to know after i have conceived it is said that in polyhesthis ovaries they can be miscarraiges too.......if i concieve how do i avoid the miscarraige
in the first trimester there is very little anyone can do about a miscarriage. I have no doubt that when you get pregnant your doctor will keep a close eye on things
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