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Pinhole Glasses

Posted Dec 12 2008 6:38pm

I was recently asked to do a review for a product called Pinhole Glasses. When I saw that the glasses are actually good for your eye site. I said yes to doing the review. Pinhole glasses have been used for years for correcting vision. They do not use lenses to improve your vision they work by feeding the pupil with direct rays as far as possible. Light rays coming at extreme angles require a large amount of refraction by your lens to form the correct image. Pinhole Glasses use the principle of sight to let in only those rays which are capable of forming a clear image on the retina. Consequently, they do not cause the damage that prescription glasses inflict on your eyes.

Wearing pinholes affect your peripheral vision and therefore should not be used when you are driving or while moving about. It also reduces the amount of light entering your eyes and so it cannot be used in environments having dim light. You can use pinhole glasses whenever you are stationary. You can use them while reading or while watching TV, while working on the computer or while watching a movie in a theater. You can also use them in the classroom to see writing on the blackboard more clearly. Pinhole Glasses are especially beneficial to children with myopia. It can prevent the onset of acquired myopia in them.

Pinhole Glasses are a good alternative to lens glasses, especially if you notice that your eyesight seems to be getting worse and worse as time goes on. They are not a complete replacement to lens glasses for people who need to use them all the time (like myself). But they are great for people who only need to use them when reading or in any other stationary position. I was able to see my computer screen very clearly through the glasses. And I would recommend these glasses to people who are on a budget and just need glasses for a small amount of time. My main complaint of the glasses was that I felt that the frame was made of low quality materials. But I do believe you are mainly paying for the technology of the glasses and not the frame. The prices are very low so it is to be expected.

I would like to thank the people at for allowing me to try and use the glasses. I do plan on continuing to use them. I currently wear contacts, and there are just some days where my contacts are irritating my eyes and I don't really use my lens glasses because they always give me bad headache. And no it's not my prescription, I just can't wear lenses for too long for some reason, I have tried different prescriptions, and the ones that don't give me a headache, I can barely see with. So on those days I pull out my new Pinhole Glasses. So go ahead and visit the site and if you just need some reading glasses and you're worried about your eyesight I highly recommend them.


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