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Pertaining to multiple blighted ovums after successful pregnancy

Posted by jamwhln

I have had two healthy, full term pregnancies in the past, one in 2003, and one in 2006.  I found out in 2/09 that I was pregnant again.  I started spotting around 12 weeks, and an u/s showed a blighted ovum.  I became pregnant again in 6/09 which ended at 7w 4d as another blighted ovum.  All of these pregnancies are with the same man.  The dr's offer no explanation except that it's a "fluke".  I think I may be pregnant again already - my dr told me that physically there's no need to wait, and we weren't preventing.  Could my body have changed since my previous pregnancy that could be preventing me from having a healthy baby again?  Medically nothing has changed drastically with me or my husband since our last healthy pregnancy.  I'm too scared to test to find out if I'm pregnant again because I want to avoid know about another early loss, but the stress of NOT testing is just as stressful!

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The thing with blighted ovums is simply this: it is chromosomal thing.  It happens in many women but if it is happening repeatedly then I'd suggest getting recurrant loss testing to see what exactly is wrong
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