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Period late, clear vaginal discharge, delayed ovulation? What's going on?

Posted by justwondering

I'm not that late only like 4 days but I'm usually pretty regular and for some reason I haven't gotten my period yet. I have changed my diet (eating out less, eating healthier, eating less), people have commented that I've lost weight, and I am trying to exercise more. Can this effect your period? Am I freaking out for no reason? I am married, but we use protection and we're always really careful.  Also, yesterday I started getting clear vaginal discharge that doesn't smell or anything. Anyhow, I know this happens when you're ovulating. Can my cycle just be changing a bit? Also, last month i was sick and on medication. While on the medication, which was like two weeks after my period I got this weird bleeding discharge with period like pains but it wasn't my period and disappeared as soon as I stopped taking the meds. So could my whole system have gotten screwed up?
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