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Period is two days late, and I'm having brown discharge?

Posted by Ponehbruh

So, I'm gonna start at the beginning. I had sex three times this month, twice on the first week of this month and once 4 days ago. My period, even though it's never really regular, (I have a 31-32 day cycle), was estimated to start two days ago. I haven't felt much of the usual symptoms I get, apart from sore breasts and some lower abdomenal cramps. From the day I was meant to have my period, I started having brown discharge. 

 I read over the internet that brown discharge can indicate late periods, but it can also indicate pregnancy. I've used condoms, none of them broke, we made SURE that the condom did not let out anything, he peed before we did it, and he didn't come inside me. I have not felt any of the pregnancy symptoms either, such as nausea, frequent peeing, and back pains.  I do have to add that the last day we had sex, he also fingered me and there was blood on his fingers. I didn't bleed anymore after that. 

 Could I still be pregnant? Or is this discharge just telling me that my period is going to be late? Please help. I can't take a pregnancy test yet, since it won't come out positive, and I can't afford to be pregnant.

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