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Period 2 weeks late.darker blood.mild to medium cramps.headaches often. whats up??

Posted by forzhyon

period was 2 weeks late(finished a few days ago)

dark blood (maybe because it was late)

heavier for the first 2 days(heavier then normal periods)

headaches on and off for past two weeks

mild to medium cramps for the past 2 weeks

about me: we have been trying to get pregnant and we have a 17 month old boy. in may this year we had to go into induced labour as my second child at 19 weeks (into pregnancy) hadnt had a heartbeat so i had a d/c and everything was normal afterwards. it is now almost 5 motnhs and this ios all a first for me. all pregnancy tests were negative so im not to sure whats up...(also i worked during the day for two weeks instead of night so i dont know if thats what caused the lateness too)..please help

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It sounds to me as though this is a case of either delayed ovulation or an annovulatory cycle. 

 The brown blood is just old blood passing through.

The heavier period leads me to believe that this cycle was annovulatory and your bleed began when the lining became too thick for the uterus to sustain while the body tried to ovulate and shed.

That is just my opinion based on what information you  provided

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