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period 2 days late, started as brown discharge, only 2 days of bleeding, 2 days of cramping, headaches, dizzy, what is it?

Posted by jiffy

took a home pregnancy test, there was a very, ery faint line, almost invisible, and my period is gone now, but I still hve light cramps, light headaches, and dizzy when I get up from sitting.
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I wouldn't trust a "faint" line--esp if it is "almost invisible". 


You could wait a couple more days..and take another test.  I would reccomend that you use a different brand/ or a different lot number

to me you have most of the symthoms and you might be pregnant,just take a pregnancey test. i think i migt be to because i'm 2 days late and tender breast,hungary a lot and don't sleep muck.
i have this same exact problem .. did u ever find out if you were preg?
I have the same syptoms i have tender breasts but i had brown discharge which was light for 2 days i didn't have cramping now it's gone i'm 3 days late and had a pregnancy test this morning and it had a very faint line. I'm goin to take another one in a couple of days.
I've noticed and research has show that a females body during her menstrual cycle, can often times immitate the body of someone who is expecting. Such examples are enhanced smell, hunger, swollen and tender breasts. All of which I have experienced. I've also learned that stress can bring on vaginal discharge or bleeding but I believe that was just for red and I'm not so sure about brown. Im actually experiencing the cramping, dizziness and red/brown slight bleeding myself and a little concerned. However, Im hoping it is my normally scheduled menstrual cycle. The body is a complicated structure. The best thing to do is go to the doctors.
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