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Pelvic Pain during pregnancy

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:46pm

Hello Everyone. My name is Maria and I was wondering if anyone could verify this
information for me. I found this on a website of which
I am researching due to the fact that I seem to
be having this condition. It is very painful. I am 5
months pregnant and wish to be able to heal this
condition while at the same time making sure I take
the right amount of the herbs. I would love any help
or direction anyone could give me. You could also call
me. 707-694-3527

Here is the Exceprt and posting.

I am pregnant with my first child. I originally
injured my pubic symphysis with the birth of my first
child. It felt like my bones were splitting apart and
I was sore for about 6 months afterwards. With my
second pregnancy 4 years later, I was running to catch
a bus at 34 weeks and really tore the same spot. I
could not move for two weeks at which time the pain
was manageable. I was able to give birth vaginally at
home in a birth pool. With this pregnancy I was
afraid because of my previous experiences and was
being extra careful in a precautionary sort of way.
By 18 weeks I was in terrible pain, could not walk or
stand for more than 20 minutes at a time, had awful
pain turning in bed, could not stand on one leg, had
difficulty lifting my leg to get in the shower, etc.

The great herbalist Susan Weed recommended (about 3
weeks ago) Teasel tincture, which is for "internal
tears that are hard to get at," and comfrey infusion
(the other name for Comfrey is Knit Bone). Within 3
days of taking the Teasel (15 drops 3x a day) I
started seeing improvement. Now I am 31 weeks and
feeling almost no pain at all and can move more
quickly and efficiently than I could at 18 weeks when
the baby was so much smaller. I am amazed and
thrilled that these remedies are working so incredibly
well and thought that other women should know about

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