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partial bicornuate uterus can i carry a baby

Posted by beatriceaguirre29

I ve had 3 miscarriages and just found out by hystero salpingo gram i have a partial bicornuate uterus it was demonstrates it's always been my dream to have a baby

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yeah I know how you feel, my HSG was no fun either...

 Have you been able to review the results with your physican/GYN? They would probably be able to tell you what percentages, risks associated, if there is anything they can do to make it easier etc. 

Hi!  I found this site when typing in bicornuate uterus.  I have a bicornuate uterus and am currently pregnant with my sixth child and was wondering what information is out there about it.  I would think from my experience that you should have a good chance of being able to have a baby.  I have had two miscarriages.  I have had three breech babies and I think this one might be too as I think that is common with this shaped uterus, they get stuck in that position and don't keep flipping around like they usually do till quite late in the pregnancy.  Anyway, hope this helps.  All the best!  Dot
Oops, that wasn't too clear, I mean that I currently have five children and am pregnant with my sixth.  I have also had two miscarriages.   The last three children were born breech but the first two were head down.   (o:

I as well have a complete bicornuate uterus. I have a 23 year old (breech) 17 year old (perfect delivery) and a 13 year old (premature) miscarriages. AMAZING, Thank the LORD! When my 1st was born I had a total of 2 hours labor, he broke my tail bone and was breech. Atthat tiem I did not know I hd a problem. The second son was born 4 hours start to finsh, with him I broke my pelvic bone...he was of normal size and NOT breech or early...I did not know with him that I ahd the problem as well. So much pain...I had endro as well that is when it was discovered that I had a complete. Then I go pregnant again. The doctors were very protective ot hsi pregnancy. I had a pelvic each week and numerous ultra sounds. My third son was born 2 months premature but perfect. The interesting thing is if you havce this condition ou feel pregnant in one side, never knew  until I found out about my "condition" Good luck and God bless everyone!

Do not worry.. I have had the same losses but i also now have a 7yr old, an 18 mth old, and I am due for my third the first week of July. So, don't worry just keep trying and god bless you and your soon to be family.

after having 1 daughter that was a section due to being a transverse lie i went onto having 4 miscarriages!! had all the tests and nothing was detected although was told i had an unusual shaped womb.  after a lot of heartache i eventually went onto having another 2 girls by section again - one breech and one transverse again - hence the unusual shaped womb.  later had an endometrial ablation to reduce my heavy periods and was only then they discovered i had a partial bicornuate!!! never heard of it.  looked it up and read that it results in recurrent miscarriage and that one wouldn't become pregnant ususally - we have our miracles - don't give up.


How hard is it to get pregnant with a bicornuate uterus? I was told that I have it.
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