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Parenting styles.

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
The other day Adam and I took Addie and Quincy down to the park for a walk - the Q got to chase balls and Addie Mae hung out in her fave, the sling. It was a beautiful day and we were so relaxed, enjoying a little time outside. Next thing you know, there's a little boy, probably around 3 years old, coming at me with a tree branch. I'm thinking, "Oh, he's so cute. He's waving at us. Can't believe Addie will be that age one day..." until I realized he wasn't being cute. He was being bad. He started whacking at me with the branch. WTF?!? Over and over again he slammed that branch into me, while his mom stood not five feet away, watching but not doing anything to stop him.

Adam and I were like "HEY - back off kid!" and got out of there as quick as we could. Seriously. What the heck happened there? What kind of parent stands back watching their child aggressively bat at a stranger with part of a tree without doing ANYTHING? I will say that if Addie ever did anything like that, it would only happen once. Adam and I are clear on the discipline front. We don't believe in spanking, or yelling (well, I don't believe in yelling but Adam could be convinced it was the required action based on what the bad thing was), but there's no question Addie will know who makes the rules in our house. Adam was raised by his dad, a former principal, so he's used to a more strict house. My parents, the hippies, were firm but very much into the "Let's all talk it out and then have a hug..." I'm somewhere in between those two places. I think kids need structure, and discipline, and they need to learn as soon as possible right from wrong. I also believe they need a whole lot of love, support and encouragement mixed in with some solid "rules".

I know a lot of people out there will say "easier said than done." Maybe so. But it doesn't hurt to try! I get the whole "pick your battles" thing - makes perfect sense and I'm sure we will abide by that slogan.

In other Addie Mae news, we had our doctor's appt. this morning and she's gained about an ounce a day since the last time we were there so our doc is happy. She's also significantly less jaundiced - the tan is fading. And today was my first solo ride with the baby - Adam had some errands to run this morning before our appt. so I was left to my own devices with Addie. I had to get her ready, get her in the car seat alone, get her in the car, and drive across town to the doctor's. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but it really was. You sort of get used to having that other person around - to hold her while you grab your keys and lock the door, or while you get dressed. But soon enough every day will be just me and Addie (when Adam heads back to work), so no time like the present to get practicing. I will admit that I did stop once on the way to the doctor's and once on the way home to adjust the headpiece of the car seat - she always ends up with her chin practically on her chest and it stresses me out. Can she really breathe like that? Is the plastic clip leaving a permanent indentation on her face? But I was proud of myself that I only stopped twice to fix it (trust me, I wanted to stop more often for adjustments but that just felt a little overprotective).

I need to post a few pics but I have to get them off the camera - one task at a time!
Hope everyone is having a great day - talk to you tomorrow.
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