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Ovulation after late period?

Posted by Jess M.


We're trying to get pregnant. My cycle is generally 24 or 25 days. Last month my period was unusually late - 29 days.

I am confused now of when my next ovulation would be.  Do I count as per normal as if the 24/25 cycle. Or do I count on a later ovulation based on 29 days?? 

Many thanks

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thankyou so much for this information. Will look into it all.


The very best in my opinion is using a temp chart along with tracking the status of my cervical fluid.

As back up I use the ferning method 

Actually I have a page on my blog that you should check out: Tools of the Trade

It has links so you can check out what the different things do.  

 Also.. I STRONGLY recommend Toni Weshlers " Taking Charge of Your Fertility".  It is a great guideline for temp charting and for general women's reproductive health :)


thankyou for your reply.  Yes I changed my diet for the better and also had some stress so realise it could be due to that. Can you suggest the 'best" method to track ovulation then?? I read so much but am after the easiest and most effective method.

many thanks

You don't count at all.. if you are trying to get pregnant is not to count the days to when you think you are supposed to be ovulating.  You should track ovulation within your cycle.  The medical standard is a day 14 ovulation but that does not take anything into account.

Your cycle is kind of short normally.. which may increase the time it will take for you to get pregnant. A 29 day cycle though is right on target. 

Have you changed anything in your diet, exercise or general enviroment over the last couple of cycles?

Where you on birth control before you started trying? If so, how long have you been off of it?

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