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Ovulating? Implanting? Neither? Confused!

Posted by daisygirl

I stopped using the orthro evra patch in Nov.  I had my last regular period on Jan1.  I was late as my next cycle didn't come until Feb 7.  At that point it was brown and spotty, I assumed because it was late.  I had been using ovulation strips since.  I tested positive for ovulation on Feb23.  Again spotting, this time light pinkish.  After all of the reading I've done I think perhaps I may have been implanting instead of ovulating...I have no idea at this point, if anyone has an idea I would be grateful.  Also I have been testing a strong negative on pregnancy tests throughout this whole time. I feel different I just don't know why, I'm hoping its not the longing to be pregnant that is affecting me physically!
Thank you,
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