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Ovulated a few days ago, since then ive been lightly bleeding and brown discharge etc

Posted by plasticrampage

Hey I took an ovulation predictor test on monday and it came out positive and i had unprotected sex for the next 3 days but during those three days i have had non stop light pinkish bleeding and brown discharge, tender breasts and lower back pain. ive been trying for 6 months now and nothing. my periods are somewhat normal but vary each month from 28 days to 35 days. it is very stressful im not sure what to do. my gynecologist says that it is normal for periods to occur in that pattern but my body jus does not feel right. Me and my husband are hoping for a baby and with each passing month we lose more and more hope. my last period came about a week too early. what should i do.? my gynecologist says im normal and i should be fertile but over a year ago i was bleeding 6 months straight day in day out and had to be put on birth control for it to stop and now pregnancy is a huge struggle to achieve. we try every month on time and still nothing. could this be a sign im infertile.? are there any vitamins i should consider.? i feel my doctor is useless at listening and answering my questions and paying attention to my irregular body. should i just go to a different doctor who will listen.? im desperate for answers please help me
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