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Overview Of Male Infertility

Posted Jul 02 2009 6:31pm
A recent article discusses the sometimes overlooked subject of male infertility. It points out that according the the NIH, about 40% of infertility problems couples face in this country are male related. Problems can result from injury, infection, medication, chemical exposure and genetic disorders. A large percentage of male infertility is unexplained.

Various conditions that can affect the quality and quantity of sperm a male produces :

  • Thyroid disease- can also cause low libido and can be corrected with hormone replacement

  • Age- also chromsomal issues can increase with age

  • Varicocele- varicose-like veins around the testicle, can be treated surgically by a urologist

  • Erectile dysfunction- can be treated with medication or counseling

  • Trauma to testicles- does not cause damage most of the time

Many of these conditions can be corrected, while some can be bypassed in order to achieve pregnancy. If a couple believes that they may be having fertility issues, it is important that the female and the male be evaluated. Unless there is a complete lack of sperm production, many options are available for these conditions. A consultation with a urologist with expertise in male reproduction can be extremely helpful for identifying and treating male-related reproductive problems. Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) procedures are particularly useful in cases of male-related infertility. ART treatment options include in-vitro fertilization, artificial inseminations or donor inseminations.

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