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Our first bottle!

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
I'll start by saying, yes, it was a breastmilk bottle, and yes, I did breastfeed first. So the only difference was me saying "SEE YA!" to that $#@@! tube. I am done with those tubes - I feel like I've been liberated. I can't explain it, and it sounds a bit melodramatic, but giving her that bottle today totally re-energized me.

Nadine (our doula/lactation consultant/childbirth educator) came over for a visit today and helped me with Addie's first bottle. Addie had absolutely zero problem with taking the bottle, and went back to the boob with no problem afterwards. Please, please, please let this continue! Nadine thinks she'll do just fine switching between the two and I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to use the bottle for top ups. It's not like it's more work because I was already having to wash out the tubes and bottles I was using to supplement her, so this is really no different. But there are big benefits in my opinion:
  1. It's SO much faster than the tube - she drinks her two ounces out of the bottle in about 10-15 minutes instead of the usual 25-40 it took with the tube. This means I'm feeding her for only about 30-40 minutes, versus the 60+ minutes it was taking before.
  2. It require less fiddling on my part, because I don't have to worry about the tube falling out, whether she's sucking hard enough to get the milk down the tube, or balancing the bottle, the tube and Addie with only two arms!
  3. I feel like I can go out now and feed her - I can breastfeed under my hooter hider (yes, this is a real thing - have a look here if you're curious about what this is), and then top her up with the bottle IN PUBLIC.
  4. Adam can participate in her feedings now - a nice bonding experience for him.
I'm feeling proud of myself for waiting until now, although I didn't quite make it to the 6 weeks I talked about, and very happy that it went so well. Now I only hope that I don't have to eat my words later...

The other big Addie news is that she's sleeping in her bouncy seat - without my finger stuck in her mouth. BIG NEWS FOLKS. I'm starting to feel more like my old self, which I'm sure has a lot to do with getting some Addie-free time. I love this little girl SO much, and I love when I can put her in her chair, sleeping peacefully, and I can do a few things for me. A good balance. Thanks to Jared for loaning Addie his bouncy chair!

We have our next doctor's appointment tomorrow and I'm dying to see how much she weighs. She's definitely gaining, and is just starting to get some of those cute baby rolls. I'm also planning to talk to my doc about the vaccination schedule and how I'd like to spread them out. I'm hoping she'll be willing to work with me without too much pushing. She's a great doctor, with an awesome bedside manner, so I expect we'll have a good "discussion" about it (she'll probably want to do them all at one time) and then we'll work out an arrangement : )

Just a couple of photos to close out that Jenna took while she was here for a quick visit yesterday. She also dropped off a shopping bag full of frozen breastmilk - she is a MAJOR producer, and Addie is one lucky girl to have her auntie so dedicated to making sure she keeps getting breastmilk. Thanks again Jenn - we love you for doing this!

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