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Our Failure-to-Thrive kid is still, well, failing to thrive ...

Posted Jan 07 2011 12:00am

After all the health-related blog posts Amaya has gotten recently, I guess Liana decided it was time she made some health-issue news again, too! She had her monthly weigh-in yesterday, and after having gained so well last month, she failed miserably this time. She didn't gain anything at all. Well, technically an ounce, but the public health nurse that came to our house used a different scale than the one Liana was weighed on last time - so who knows how accurate that was anyways. She's now 20 months old and weighs 19 lbs 6 oz (8,79kg). Amaya was weighed, too, by the way, and weighed 21 lbs 11 oz (9,8kg) - so she definitely put on some weight again after her surgery ordeal in December.

Now that Amaya was diagnosed with EE, and one of the main symptoms is poor weight gain, I'm definitely going to have to discuss with Amaya's GI doctor that her sister is FTT. I have this bad feeling that she'll want to biopsy Liana to test her for it, too. I did finally get a hold of the GI nurse, by the way, (the doctor is out of town until Monday) and she was very apologetic for the fact that I hadn't heard about the biopsy results from them. Apparently, because the ENT doctor was the primary surgeon, all biopsy results just came to him and the GI doctor hadn't even seen the biopsy results herself until I called! All this to say, somehow the GI nurse definitely seemed to think that the EE was caused by environmental allergens (such as a food intolerance) and not "just" by Amaya's reflux and frequent vomiting. I guess the white blood cell count in the biopsy slide was way too high for the inflammation to be acid-related. She talked about possibly doing an elimination diet to figure out what exactly the possible culprit could be, but I have a lot of reservations about that. For one, Amaya is asymptomatic right now - no vomiting, no apparent discomfort. She's actually sleeping well, too, now that's she's recovered from the surgery. Secondly, if there are no other symptoms that could point to a food allergy, and we do eliminate certain food groups, the only way to see if her EE is getting any better would be to do another biopsy, which is very invasive and I have no interest in that whatsoever. Thirdly, breads, pasta, cheese, yogurt, milk, and fruits are just about the only things the girls will eat right now anyways, and every single one of these foods would be on top of the list to be eliminated, and again, I have no interest in doing that unless I have more compelling evidence that a food allergy is really what it going on here. The GI doctor is out of town until after the weekend, and I plan to discuss all of the above with her once she's back.

But to end on a more upbeat note, here are a few documentations of Liana and Amaya's latest and greatest :) The first couple of pictures are of the girls emptying the recycling bin and spreading recyclables all over the floor. Notice Liana wearing a piece of the Diaper Genie refill around her neck in the first picture :) I was right there, cleaning the kitchen, but I figure it would take me less than 5 minutes to clean back up but kept the girls occupied for a good 20 minutes - so I had a net gain of 15 minutes of cleaning time :)

Lastly, this was the girls playing with and kissing Daddy this morning

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