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Our 1-year Transfer-versary!

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
This time last year we were at the clinic, waiting to hear about how our embryos were doing (they thawed them and let them grow out for a day), and hoping that we would have a successful transfer. It's really nerve wracking because you don't know how many survived, or how they're doing, until you get to the clinic for the report. I was feeling anxious, just wanting to hear it was good news.

It was Thanksgiving Monday (here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October), which I took as a good sign. It was also a beautiful day, and we had just bought our new house, which felt like two other "good signs". Jenna, always the overachiever, had baked Dr. Hannam an apple crisp as a little extra "thanks" for spending his holiday Monday with us, and we were all in really high spirits.

I remember the anticipation, the excitement, the fear (our previous transfer only a few months before had been successful but resulted in an ectopic pregnancy) - but I did have a really good feeling that *this* was going to be *the* cycle that worked. And sure enough, it did! So this time last year Addie was a 4 day-old embryo, on her way from a morula to a blastocyst, and about to be transferred into her aunt's waiting uterus.

Here are a few pics from our transfer day. I can't believe it's been a year...

D'Arcy, Jenna, me & Adam right before the transfer.

Me & Jenn, about to go in!

Jenn, Adam and me, right after the transfer was done.

And here's our little miracle baby. What a year!

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