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Once an Infertile, Always an Infertile

Posted Mar 27 2009 10:56am
Tuesday, we had our last ultrasound with Dr. J and "graduated" from the RE to the OB. It was sad to leave Dr. J and his staff. They have been great to us and very supportive every step of the way.

Both babies are measuring right on target and were moving and shaking. Their heart rates are good, they are active, and everything looks as good as it possibly can at this point. We met with Dr. J after the ultrasound. We briefly discussed our frozen embryos and he said that they are all very strong embryos and he would love for us to donate them to another couple. This is a topic Mike and I are both struggling with... We won't make any decisions until these babies are born living, healthy, and well, but we will definitely need to decide in the near future as the cost to keep them in the freezer isn't cheap. I am 100% sure I am done if both of these babies end up coming home.

From Dr. J's office we headed straight to the OB for a class that we had to sit through before they will let us see an OB. It is called "Great Expectations" and was the most useless thing I have ever had to endure. We were in there with a 17-year-old and her boyfriend, and another woman. It was very hard for me to keep my eye rolling to a minimum as a nurse droned on and on about the most ridiculous stuff that anyone who knows anything about pregnancy would know, and definitely an infertile who has a child at home is well versed in. We had to fill out the paperwork and she pissed me off about a million times with her quips about infertility and ectopics. I just wanted to smack her. She was also giving advice which seemed totally bizarre since she obviously didn't know our backgrounds or anything about our pregnancies. It just goes to show how many people in this world automatically assume that there is a straight line from having sex to having a healthy child when that is so far from the case for a lot of people. Totally pissed me off, was completely unneeded and unnecessary, and is two hours of my life I can't get back. I guess you can give the infertile children, but once an infertile, always an infertile. *End Rant*

They also do an early glucose screening so I had to drink the orange soda and have a million gallons of blood drawn for all of the tests they want to do (that I just had done in January for my IVF cycle....). The 17-year-old was HYSTERICAL about the blood draw. She was totally freaking out and would not let them poke her. They finally brought in 4 nurses to hold her down. I am not sure what happened as I was done by that point. I'm definitely an old pro at the needles and blood draws. That girl is going to have to grow up really fast...

I was suppose to go back Friday but the ultrasound tech that does the nuchal scan won't be there, so they changed our appointment to Monday. We see a nurse practitioner for a full physical and then go for the nuchal scan. We'll be taking Bo with us for the appointment and he'll get to see his siblings for the first time. I have a feeling the novelty will be lost on him...

I definitely hate the fact that going to the doctor sucks up the entire day. Definitely a negative about going to Champaign, but I hope it will be worth it in the long-run.

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