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On the Move & Food Issues

Posted Mar 04 2010 4:15pm
Well it took about 2 1/2 weeks from the time Harlee began to army crawl until she was crawling with her belly up off of the floor! She is a fast learner! As soon as she crawled, she was pulling up and cruising on the furniture! We strategically place the dining room chairs around the living and dining room so she can go from one to another. She is more interested in cruising than crawling. Our little girl is growing up so fast!

She is finally eating three meals a day and (4) 6oz bottles. She eats between 4 and 8 food cubes at each meal! Little piggy! Although I really have nothing to compare her to. I have no clue how much other kids eat! Still can't get her to eat turkey though. She knows its mixed into other foods and reaches in her mouth to pull out the meat fibers! She still is trying to get the hang of the sippy cup. We have been just putting water in it, but she doesn't get that you have to tip it back to get the water out! We started to give her some Cheerios, which she LOVED, but after eating them she broke out from head to toe. We saw our pediatrician, who sent us to a dermatologist. He thought it was just eczema, and had no connection to food. I find that very hard to believe. Her skin was fine before that, now we have tried three creams and her face, arms, and legs are still broke out. So we are going to get her allergy tested next week. I am relieved that we will finally have an idea of what she is allergic to. Scared to do it, but hopefully we will know our food options (or restrictions).

I hate leaving her every day to go to work. She is SO happy and smiley I just want to spend all day with her. She is just perfect and I feel so blessed to have her. Each day she learns new things, and I am just amazed watching her.
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