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On my own for two whole nights. Yikes.

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
Adam left this morning for our family cottage for the weekend. He's hosting a stag up there for a friend who's getting married in Scotland later this summer (did I mention he'll be leaving us home again to go to that? Not that I'm bitter or anything...) Now before anyone thinks we're totally alone, I will mention that my mom and stepdad are staying with us for the weekend, so there will be extra hands on deck.

But between 11pm and about 7am, Addie and I will be on our own. This terrifies me just a little, because even though I'm the one getting up with her all night right now, it's still comforting to know that Adam is right there. At least Quincy is also going to be around...and before anyone laughs at me and says, "But he's a dog. What could he possibly do to help?" let me give you an example from last night. I had started nursing Addie and had forgotten to get my glass of water. So I called Adam...once...twice...three times. Nothing. No response whatsoever. But Quincy heard me and came running into the nursery, where he stopped and looked at me. I said, "Go get your dad" and he promptly left the room and went and licked Adam's face to wake him up. What a dog! He's proving to be a good little nighttime helper : )

Every time I think about our nights alone, I can't help but worry: What if I don't hear her crying? (My mommy ears are just starting to work properly.) What if she chokes on something? (I know, irrational. What could she possibly choke on in the middle of the night?) What if she won't sleep or won't stop crying? (Now this is a possibility, but if that happens I'll just deal.) I just like knowing that I can get Adam up if I need to, even if it's just for a break from our little peanut when she won't go back to sleep. But tonight, and tomorrow night, we just have to figure it out. Just me and my girl (and my super-awesome dog).

In other news, THANK YOU to everyone for the lists for Fertile Future AND for all the sleep suggestions. I will admit, yesterday I bought a white noise CD off iTunes (yes, I paid for static folks. But before you give me a hard time, think of how often you pay for water that flows for free out of the tap...). This CD also comes with Pink noise, Brown noise, Blue noise, Gray noise...basically every colour of the rainbow noise. They all sound slightly different, with some sounding more like rushing water and others more like radio static. She seemed to settle a little when I put it on but who knows. I'll keep trying it. I also read some more of "The Happiest baby..." book and tried the 5s techniques. They really do work!

I also tried the stroking from forehead to nose, gentle rocking, vigorous rocking (she likes it more vigorous for sure), the swing, the bouncy chair...I tried it all. What seems to work the very best is swaddling her and then bouncing on the exercise ball. It's like a miracle! I did know about the exercise ball (Jenn told me to get one from the beginning) but hadn't considered using it at night. What a difference. And I put the standing fan on in our room which also seemed to help. So I may have gone overboard, to the point where I *can't be sure* of what actually worked best, but we did have a better night and a better day today. So thanks again everyone!

Ok, the princess is starting to stir. Happy weekend everyone and wish me luck for tonight. Here's hoping...
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