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On Blogging...

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:22pm
I was recently asked some questions that I thought might be appropriate to answer here.

1. Why do you blog?

I originally started the blog during my first pregnancy (the ectopic in March 2005). I had read the book Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas and I was inspired to start writing a journal for my future child. I wrote my first post back then, but soon after I lost that baby and I didn't write again until April of 2006 when I was gearing up to start my first IVF cycle.

The blog was originally just meant to be a journal but I slowly began finding other blogs of people who were also going through infertility. This was a God-send for me because I finally had a place where I could read about what certain procedures were going to feel like, the chaos the injections would reek on my hormones, and most of all, I had a a place where I could talk through aspects of my life that no one in my real life understood or had ever been through while receiving comments and support.

The blog (and my writing style) is evolving overtime and is currently progressing through the biggest change yet -- the transition from primary infertility to motherhood.

I think it is important for anyone who reads here to understand that this blog is still for me. This is my cheap therapy. :). I write here to work through different aspects of my life, to vent about my personal frustrations, to make connections with others, as well as to remember.

I already look back at some of my old posts and laugh at myself. Some things that seemed so important to me 2 years ago aren't important at all now. And it is great to be able to look back and see myself change. Wouldn't it be funny to look back at what I would have written in high school and college? Or when I first met Mike?

2. How did you start reading blogs? Why do you read them?

I actually started out reading some of the journals on BabyCenter and that inspired me to seek out other 'journals'. When I started searching and the first two blogs I latched on to were Manana Banana and So Close. They are both great writers and I loved being able to check in on them.

Eventually, I went through my first cycle, and that was about the time that Cyclesista was born. I added my blog to the list and before long people were commenting and I was reading more and more blogs. It was the first summer I did not have any type of a job or a commitment (besides IVF ) so I spent a lot of time reading and researching IVF. I learned a lot and I put that knowledge to good use -- if I had not been so pro-active I do not think I would have had the courage to keep pursuing treatments and therefore would not have ended up with Bo.

Then I made actual friends in the blogosphere. Emmie from Fertility Lost and Spanglish from Welcome to the Cysterhood are both women that I consider true friends and would love to have the opportunity to meet them in person one day. And meet their little ones too!

I still read blogs and a lot of them now deal with parenting (with a few fun ones and food ones thrown in). I feel a lot more ready for the challenges that are coming my way because a lot of the issues I face have already been dealt with by someone I read. It helps me to feel prepared!

I also love the posts where people link to different products. I've bought everything from house slippers to baby toys based on what others have recommended. It is great to read about what others enjoy -- it makes me much more confident in my purchases!

My number one reason for reading blogs now is to keep up with the friends I've made along the way. Many of them are truly amazing women and I feel like a large part of the reason I am infertile was to meet them and be a part of this community. There still seems to be a special link between infertiles -- even when we are parenting after infertility.

3. I know you in real life. Can I read your old blog?

No, I'm sorry, but no. Many of my old posts were not meant to be read by anyone that I know in real life. (Mike is the only one who really knew about the old blog and he respected my privacy enough not to read it.) A few of my past posts talk about people in ways that should only be in my head but I used the blog to vent my frustration about different topics and sometimes that included people I know in real life.

I am considering transferring an edited version of the archives from the old blog to this blog. It will probably take me awhile since there is no fast way to move the posts but that will give me ample opportunity to edit them. (I really wish there was a way to copy the comments over too, as many of them have pretty valuable information in them. I don't think there is a way to do that.) Most of my archives are really focused on infertility but I would like for those posts to be available to someone who is Googling 2 ww or beta numbers at 10 dp 5 dt. Finding blogs of people who survived multiple IVF's and achieved the goal of motherhood gave me a lot of hope during my journey and I would like for my blog to continue to be able to do that.

4. Is there any way to see what you wrote without having to click on your site each day?

Yes, and I wish someone would have told me about it when I was new to the blogosphere. One way to keep up with blogs is a free site called bloglines. I LOVE bloglines and my blog roll in the sidebar is powered by this site. I try to keep my blog list to a hundred but right now it is more like 130 ish. The bloglines service updates when someone updates their blog so you do not have to click on each site every day to see if they have updated.

You can also subscribe to my blog (in the right hand sidebar). This is probably ideal if you don't read a lot of blogs. By subscribing you will receive an email each time I write a post.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email them to me or leave them in the comments. I'm pretty much an open book! :)

And to those of you that do blog -- consider answering these questions. I would love to read your answers. Answering them myself really made me reflect and think about this strange culture that is 'blogging' (as well as write a crap-load of run-on sentences!).
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