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Oh, the choking ...

Posted May 16 2010 12:00am

Dang, I really thought Amaya had outgrown her reflux / choking / gagging episodes :( She hasn't had one since before Christmas, and then she had a pretty bad one on her birthday, that literally almost had us calling 911 at Perkins. I didn't blog about it then because I was hoping it was just an isolated incident. Not so much!

She must have had 5 or so since ... Last Sunday morning, she so violently puked up her entire bottle all over herself and me that she had milk coming out her nostrils ... and of course aspirated some of it into her lungs again, too. I did the whole flip-over, pound-on-back and suction-nose routine until she was eventually able to breathe again, but I could tell it scared her and wore her out. Then on Thursday night she gagged on her cereal while my mother-in-law was feeding her (I was teaching at the Y) and had a massive volucano-erruption type puke again, too, that left grandma worrying for a few minutes if she was going to be okay. Then the very next night, I was feeding the girls pieces of my stir-fried tofu (which they LOVED!). I turned my head and next thing I knew Amaya was choking badly. I janked her out of her high-chair, flipped her over, pounded on her back, flipped her back, could see she's still not able to breathe and starting to get somewhat unresponsive, flipped her back over and finally remembered to sweep her mouth with my finger - where I find all 5 tiny pieces of tofu I had put on her tray. Apparently she had stuffed them all inside her mouth while I wasn't looking and then started to choke. This was probably the closet she ever came to actually passing out on me - and it's NOT an experience I care to repeat. Even though I've administered first aid on her so many times now it doesn't rattle me half as much as it used to, I'd still like to be done saving my daughter from suffocating on spit-up, vomit, or a piece of food just about every other day - it gets old real fast.

I'm not sure exactly why her choking episodes have returned, but I am hopeful that as she gets more proficient with eating finger foods, she'll outgrow them for good.

P.S. For those of you who were wondering, Liana's tube surgery is not tomorrow. It was rescheduled for Thursday.

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