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October 29 I had light bleeding 10 days after conception, could I still be pregnant? My period is not due until nov 5th.

Posted by ellasings7

I concieved on october 20th and my last period was october 5th. Could I be pregnant?. My breast  are bigger and are showing veins, I am moody, I eat everything I crave, I at times have light cramping every now and then and I am very tired often. I am starting to feel full in my bladder and have to urinate more than before. I sleep on my side when I use to sleep on my front or back... 

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how do you know when you conceived? 

I had afrticial insemination on october 20th and I hadn't had a "real"

period since then. My last period was october 5th. 

Being artificially inseminated doesn't mean conception.

Have you had a positive pregnancy test? Confirmed by a physician?

I am going to have a physical nov 24th. I have all the signs of a

preggo. I am not stressed at all!. No real period since oct 5th, and

I have a 28 day cycle...?. That doesn't seem right to me!. I have a

large amount of faith in god, I believe what he says about the

pregnancy. He said it was and I say celebrate!. I just wanted

opinions, that's all. Girl just wondered a bit. I look forward to 

your reply, and I will tell you what happened nov 24th. 

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