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Number One of the Top 14 Mistakes for Surrogates and Carriers to Avoid: Giving out personal information

Posted Feb 06 2010 1:18am
Last month I posted 14 Mistakes to Avoid For Women Considering Becoming Surrogate Mothers or Gestational Carriers. I have had quite a few questions and suggestions. Over the next few days I will be going through each "mistake" and explaining the reason why it made the top 14!
Your commentsas alwaysare welcome!
Mistake Number 1-Giving out personal informationespecially before a contract is signed,  such as social security numbers and release of medical information to anyone but the attorneypsychologist or clinic.
Why you shouldn't do this: As we are all awarethere are scams being run on both sides of the fence these days. Who's to say that someone pretending to be an Intended Parent is just looking for an easy mark for identity theft! You need to protect yourself and your family. You may be eager to get yourself matched and on the way to a contract but please don't give out your personal information to just anyone. Your Intended Parents don't need to know your Social Security Number. The clinic is the one that needs to see your medical records. If you worked with a psychologist in the past then have those records sent from your old Dr. to your new one. The message here is to be aware of who you are trusting and how much you know about them. Don't risk your identity for anyone!

Sharon LaMothe
Infertility AnswersInc.

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