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Number Eight of the Top 14 Mistakes for Surrogates and Carriers to Avoid: Agreeing to do at home inseminations (IUI)

Posted Mar 15 2010 1:13am
Here we are at mistake number eight which only applies to Traditional Surrogates. I want to point out that IUI (Intrauterine Inseminations) are not that costly and doing these at 'home' really isn't worth the risk!
Mistake #8 Agreeing to do at home inseminations (IUI) 
Why you should insist doing Intrauterine Inseminations at a medical facility: One of the first concerns I have when I hear that a Traditional Surrogate is planning on doing IUI without a Dr's guidance is the possibility of STD's or HIV. Some of the other questions pop into my head regarding a situation like this are: Is there a contract in place? Are medications being taken? Was a psychological screening done? In other words, what 'short cuts' have been taken? Having a medical doctor involved can also make this part of a surrogacy so much more successful. A surrogate can be monitored and, under the clinic's care, the right time in a cycle would be chosen to proceed with the IUI. Medications may be prescribed to allow for more follicles to mature.
There is also the emotional and mental aspect of being a Traditional Surrogate and being treated by a Dr. rather then the Intended Parents themselves. It helps with the separation to go through the clinical steps.
Don't try and save your IP's a few dollars while putting yourself at risk. Make sure that you have every i dotted and your t's crossed before you agree to ANY medical procedure.
Sharon LaMothe
Infertility Answers, Inc.

LaMothe Services, LLC
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