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Nuilife – oil’s ain’t oils (and your chance to grab some)

Posted Dec 10 2013 10:09pm

by mnfadmin on December 10, 2013

Have you ever taken a scoop of coconut butter and you feel like a fur ball gets caught in your throat?  Well let me tell you something that the cool kids at Niulife taught me.  When this happens, it indicates that the oil is becoming rancid.  Yikes!  Rancid oil certainly won't be doing your health or fertility any justice, in fact, rancid oils have been said to be more harmful than unhealthy oils!  In any case, you don't want to be putting festy products on your skin or in your body and it's good to know just how to scout out the good from the not so good.

Here's what I've learnt.  Non rancid coconut oil will have the following characteristics.

1.  It won't make you gag as we've discussed

2.  It will be smooth in consistency

3.  When applied to the skin it won't leave you blotchy

4.  Will be white and not discoloured

5.  It smells nice, not 'off' or old.

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