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Not Pregnant

Posted May 08 2009 11:39pm
So we are really not sure what is going on. I called the doctor on Thursday afternoon to tell them that I was spotting. A little back story, I thought I had a light period back in December, but it was just the beginning of the 3 weeks leading up to the ruptured ectopic. So I really worked myself up thinking that something could be wrong with light spotting that really was too early for my period (I was only 8 or 9 DPO ).

Well the nurse scheduled me to go to the lab on Friday morning to get a quantitative beta done. She called Friday before lunch to let me know that I was not pregnant. Which is fine, BUT I really just want to know what is going on and why I am spotting and how this will effect my cycle. I told the nurse my concern with spotting and how last time it took about a week and a half after I first started spotting to find out I was pregnant and I really want to be proactive if this could be another ectopic.

So she wants me to take a HPT every other day (took one this morning - negative) and if I don't start my regular (????) period by CD 35 (next Friday) then we will do another blood test. If still negative, we will talk about taking medicine to start my period.

Ugh, I just think that I should now have it easy!!! I mean after all we have been through, couldn't it now be easier??????? I guess not. Hopefully, this is just mid-cycle spotting like the nurse said is somewhat normal. We do have friends who were having cycle issues and she took the medicine to start her period, and they were pregnant the next cycle.

If you are reading this, have you experienced mid-cycle spotting/bleeding? Any advice is welcome!!! Thanks

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