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Not One Black Midwife

Posted Sep 22 2008 4:36pm

The subject of race has been strongly on my mind the past week.  If you look at the picture from our retreat  (scroll to the bottom), you will notice that women of color are lacking representation.  I am absolutely certain there are African-American Women in West Va. who would have enjoyed the retreat.  Now I can be angry, or I can try to work on improving communication in my community.  We have to find a way to keep midwifery inclusive, to stand together, or traditional midwifery might slowly disappear.  

While I am on the subject of race, I would like to rant just a tiny bit.  I would like to know why my daughter is the only white child in her ballet/tap class.  There are two other ballet classes that I know of in the area.  One is very expensive, the other is the same price but quite a distance away. Thankfully Khady has not yet been taught that it isn't an every day occurrence to be the only white kid in a group. Things that make you go hmm...

My white sisters and brothers, we have so much work to do.  We have the opportunity to make a difference with the next generation.  Sending our kids to a class where everyone looks like them in an area with a tremendous variety of cultures and ethnic groups is not sending the right message.  Our kids pick up the messages we give them, and at a very young age.  My friend, who has an almost four year old, mentioned that there will be a diversity training at their school.  A diversity training at a pre-school?  Apparently a few of the kids made comments about brown dolls being poor.  Now three and four year olds don't come up with statements like that up by themselves...

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