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no periods for 8 weeks hpt positive 1 neg. lab urine test neg what could it be?

Posted by ruby

hi, i have'nt had periods after 9th nov 2009..i do have irregular period but never got this late. i did pregnancy test one was positive and when i did it 2nd time it was negative.i do have little nausea, cramps, restlessness at night, lower abdomen pain,bloated i had a lot of white discharge but i dont have it anymore. i went to my GP and did a urine test and that was also negative. my doc asked me to get a blood test and an blood reports have come and my doc said that my hormones are perfectly alrite. i got an ultrasond done before and the doc told me my right ovary is slightly bigger than the other but nothing to worry about.. it is 24th jan 2010 and still no periods. i dont get a proper answer from my doc donno what it is. i dont have thyroid
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