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No Period, All symptoms but Negative Test. Could I be pregnant?

Posted by ShellBell

My last regular period was on January 21 st /22 nd. (I’ve had regular periods for at least two years so it takes something big to mess it up). I was in a roll-over car accident on February 10 th and as a result my period showed up a week late on February 26 th. This was expected. My normal menstrual cycle is averaged 29 days with my luteal phase being 13 days and then 16 days till my period shows up (again, been like this for at least a year). I usually bleed heavily on the first day having to change about every 4 to 5 hours, then it tampers off with the last day being about the 5 th day from the start. Going by this 13-16 day cycle, I was expecting to ovulate around March 10-12 th. I had unprotected sex using the withdrawal method (not the best I know but we worked with what we had since I’m allergic to latex) on March 10 th (again, it was stupid). I was expecting my period around March 26 th or 27 th just like normal. It never arrived so I took a pregnancy test on March 29 th and it came back negative. Around this week in the month, I started getting sick. We thought “oh maybe I have a UTI” so we checked for that and it came back negative. Since I had been having excess amounts of clear discharge since about a week after the sex, we thought “maybe it’s a vaginal infection” (I’ve had one before that gave me a few pregnancy-like symptoms), again the test came back negative. I started eating a lot more at more frequent intervals, my nipples are tender and sore to the touch and itchy/irritated, I have random spells of nausea and sometimes end up vomiting my lunch, I have achy lower back pain which doesn’t get better with heat applied (like it would with my period),   I feel bloated, I seem to be going to the bathroom more frequently (even though I seem to be taking in less fluids and I’m constipated), have gained a few pounds it seems since I can’t fit into my regular clothes and just want to sleep all the time, very fatigued.    By Easter, April 4 th, my period still hadn’t arrived so I took another pregnancy test on April 5 th, again negative. I went to the doctor on the 6 th but she only treated me for my sinus infection and just told me if my period (which was due 11 days before the appointment) still didn’t arrive to come back next week.

This is where it gets tricky. On April 13 th (18 days after my period was due), through manual stimulation I achieved (a well-overdue) orgasm which was anything BUT pleasurable. As soon as I hit that peak, a terrible cramp ripped through my uterus. (I describe it as having someone stab a knife into it and twisting the blade with all their might. Since that’s a very unlikely description, just imagine a “Charlie horse” cramp.) When I went to the bathroom as soon as I could stand the pain enough (it lasted about 20 minutes) there was blood when I wiped. I was freaking out but I stayed calm and went to bed. The next day, April 14 th, I had annoying spotting through-out the day, mostly just when I wiped. April 15 th and 16 th, I bled heavily enough to soak through a fresh super tampon, a fresh maxi pad, and my entire outfit within a matter of 4 or 5 hours. By the night of April 17 th, I was back to spotting and by time I went to bed on April 18 th the bleeding period was completely over with. Now here I am on April 20 th, still having the symptoms (really bad nausea this morning) and it’s like the 3-4 day bleed never even happened. I checked on an online calendar and, when the heavy bleed started, I would be at about 6 weeks, 5 days pregnant (if I am/was). My partner and I weren’t trying to conceive but a baby wouldn’t be a bad thing if I was pregnant. I’m just wondering if anyone else has gone through this and if there’s any answers for me out there about what I should do and any possibilities of what is going on in my body. I’m hoping for some good replies because if this bleeding was my period (after 20 days being overdue) then my new period, using my 13-16 day cycle count, would/will be due around May 13 th. THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE! IT'S VERY APPRECIATED!

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