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No IUD For Me

Posted Feb 23 2009 10:12pm
I was going to get an IUD today, but apparently my insurance would rather pay for pregnancy than for birth control. I am now taking generic birth control pills and hoping to god that they work. I am also hoping that when we get our new health insurance, whenever that may be, that they realize that the IUD is more cost effective than pregnancy and delivery.

As I may have mentioned before, I do want another baby. I just don't want one right now, or 9 months from now to be more specific. Other than the bridesmaid gown I have to fit into and all of the weddings and open bars I have in the next year, I also have a small bit of sanity that I would like to hold on to. I need to not be pregnant for a while. I need not to have 3 small children at home with me every waking hour. I know some people do it, but I just don't think I can do it. I need the Monster Toddler to be in pre-school (September 2010.) I need the Demon Baby to be at least pre-school age when I deliver (January 2012.) Which means I can't even think about being pregnant until April of 2011. Anything before that and I may loose my mind. Hell, the Monster Toddler isn't even remotely ready for potty-training. It's way too soon.

The husband thinks he's done. He believes we don't need any more children. He claims he's worried about money. He's really worried because the Demon Baby is far more difficult to deal with than the Monster Toddler was at this age. Demon Baby still isn't sleeping through the night. She finds crying loudly an enjoyable form of entertainment. And she's a projectile vomiter. I can see why he would be hesitant. But, alas, my hormones will prevail. They always do.

Unlike most people, I can totally understand how women can become like the Octo-Mom. Ok, maybe not to that extreme, but I can understand wanting just one more baby, and then one more, and then well, maybe one more. That is why I'm getting my tubes tied after my next pregnancy. I like babies way too much. Also, if I do get pregnant after April 2011, I'll be at least 32 when I deliver. Meaning I'll be 50 when that last child turns 18. I think I think 30 solid years of child raising is more than enough.

Of course, my hormones can't make the decision alone. We'll have to consider what our insurance covers at that point. And how much room we have wherever we are living at that point. And if we can afford another child at all. And if the husband is really serious about not having anymore children. And if I can handle the thought of another c-section. After last time, I'm not so sure. I would try a VBAC but I would still have to have surgery to get my tubes tied, which makes the VBAC kind of counterproductive.

So, having said all of that, we are going to really try not to get pregnant now. We are going to have to have a real discussion about it but not until 2011, two years from now. In the meantime we are going to hope that we get new insurance soon and that it covers IUDs.
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