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New Year

Posted Jan 01 2010 5:40pm

So for this year I really started thinking about how I want to bring my daughter up (with my husband, of course.) What I mean is, what things do I want her to grow up doing and seeing us doing? What kinds of things that we don't currently do that I want to start doing?
1. Manners. Her vocabulary will be building this year. Both my husband and I are good with "please," "thank you," opening doors for people and such, but there are other things we need to work on. Road rage while driving: yeah, don't want Harlee to pick up on that. We are both guilty of that big time.
2. Recycling/Green Planet. We are in Michigan, so we always recycle cans and bottles to get our deposit back. And last year I started to set up bins in the basement for recycling glass, plastic, and cardboard. And we did empty them once. But its such a pain to drive into the (scary) city to the recycling center. We have to get better about that this year. I really want to think about everything we throw away-could it be recycled? I also bought reusable bags for the grocery store, but I need to get better about using them every time. I need to buy another set for the other car, so we have no excuse. And I need to remember to take them into department stores, the pharmacy, the pet store, and other "non-grocery" stores.
3. Eating better. For now we are doing good, for her. I make all her baby food from scratch. But her Daddy and I need to eat better ourselves. Lead by example. I know she won't eat things if she doesn't see us eating them. Also, this will help me in turn by keeping my weight on track.
4. Getting rid of clutter. Get rid of stuff we don't use. I have sooooo many boxes and bins in the basement and attic and most of it is stuff we haven't used in over a year. And if you haven't used it in over a year, its time for it to go. Exceptions are Harlee's baby toys/clothes and my yearbooks, albums, letter jackets and such from my younger years. I don't want her growing up learning to accumulate stuff. Give away to someone who can use it, sell it, or throw it out!
5. Making the most out of every day. Living every day and having fun. Yes, I am guilty of that. All my friends in school called me "the serious one." My husband calls me a fuddy-duddy (if that's even a word). Its not that I can't enjoy myself and have fun, I just am not prone to silliness and nonsense. I tend to want to "get things done" and feel overwhelmed with time constraints. I need to try to enjoy more moments each day.
So what are all of you thinking about for the New Year?
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