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New Hope for Hyperstim...Curing the OHSS Woes (Part 2: GnRH-antagonist Rescue).

Posted Oct 02 2012 12:10pm
So we have been using the Lupron trigger protocol in more patients and these patients cannot have been on a traditional LTL (long luteal lupron) or MDL (microdose Lupron flare) protocol. That means that the only patient eligible are those who are on a GnRH-antagonist protocol (one that uses Antagon or Centrotide) to eliminate the LH surge. Well, interestingly enough it turns out that adding GnRH-antagonists in the middle of a LTL or MDL flare protocol can really reduce the estrogen levels and seems to decrease the risk of OHSS in these patients who are in the midst of a stimulation that seems to be heading toward an excessive response.

As you can see below, our own Dr. Mark Payson was one of the authors of this intriguing study. Honestly, I never would have thought of adding Antagon or Centrotide during the middle of a stimulation that had started with Lupron....Go figure. Not sure exactly how or why this approach works but the study seems promising and gives us another way to deal with OHSS once we are in stimulation.

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