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New Hampshire: Call your State Senators RIGHT NOW to oppose HB217! (UPDATED)

Posted May 01 2012 11:49am

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(And because the most spectacular flame war to ever hit this blog happened, comments are now turned off, for everyone’s sake.)

No seriously, call them RIGHT NOW.

I have literally been juggling three different browser windows and on the phone with New Hampshire lawmakers this morning. This has snuck up on us fast, folks and now we’re playing catch up.

In a nutshell, New Hampshire is trying to amend the current homicide statute to include fetal death through a bill called HB217. Here’s the issue: an amendment tacked on to this bill now defines an unborn child as from the moment of conception to 24 weeks. Look familiar? It should. This homicide statue amendment has inadvertently become a personhood measure in the process.

There are some other concerning things about this bill. While there are exemptions for certain medical procedures, such as abortion, provided in the bill’s language, it still doesn’t protect embryologists and fertility clinic staff that perform IVF procedures.

Let me get a little more specific. HB217 says the following (emphasis mine):

“[The bill] shall [not] apply to any act committed by the mother of the unborn child, to any medical procedure, including abortion, performed by a physician or other licensed medical professional at the request of the pregnant woman or her legal guardian, or to the lawful dispensation or administration of lawfully prescribed medication.”

The issue here I’ve bolded is “pregnant women”. When you’re an IVF patient and your embryos are created in a petri dish, you’re not pregnant (yet) as in the context of this law since those “unborn children” are outside of your body. The amendment to HB 217 specifically defines “pregnant” as a “female reproductive condition of having an unborn child in
the woman’s body”.

Here exactly is how IVF is then threatened in the state of New Hampshire. We all know that not every embryo makes it to day 3 for transfer. Those embryos are discarded. If HB217 passes? Well, according to the law, that’s homicide.

See how this is a bit of a slippery slope?

This also means that cryopreservation of embryos would also be outlawed, because you can’t really cryopreserve unborn children.

This bill is up for vote TOMORROW Wednesday, May 9th in the New Hampshire State Senate. It was your calls and emails that made enough of an impact to get the vote pushed back a week. That said, keep those calls and emails comin’, New Hampshire!

+ Live in NH? Great! Call your State Senator RIGHT NOW and voice your opposition to HB217. Need talking points? Here you go.

+ Know someone who lives/works in NH? Family member, friend or colleague perhaps? Have them do the above ASAP today.

+ Share this post. Or this great overview from RESOLVE New England .

+ Tweet about it with hashtag #NOonHB217.

I seriously cannot put into words just how important it is that New Hampshire rallies to defeat this bill. We’re talking about throwing IVF treatments for every single New Hampshire resident into jeopardy.

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