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Needing Some Help

Posted by Holly

Hi There, My Husben And I Are Trying To Have A Baby, And I'm Needing Just A Little Bit Of Help To Eas The Mind A Bit...

My Period Is Evey 45 Days Or So... My Period Was Due On June 4th And It Didn't So Up, I Was A Week Late Before It Came... But Through The Week of My Missed Period I had Some Mild Spotting "pinky discharge"...

 On June 11th My Period Came, But It Wasn't My Normal Period, Usually My First Three Day's Are Really Heavey And This Time It Wasn't, It Was Really A Clam Period...

My Period Was Done On June 17th...

On June 22ed And June 23rd I Had Some Mild Spotting With Some Dis-charge... If Someone Could Please Help Me That Would be Great...


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Irregular cycles can indicate ovulation dysfunction and should be evaluated by your ob/gyn or an infertility specialist.  Blood tests can help determine if you have polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS, or another hormonal imbalance causing your cycles to be off.  
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