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Natural Medicine vs. Pharmaceutical Corporations

Posted Feb 12 2010 12:00am

Today, we have something a little different and thought-provoking for regular readers of our blog: a guest article submitted by Holly Hayden, a practitioner of natural health remedies, which looks at how natural medicine can be an important but often overlooked part of our daily lives.Enjoy!

There are a lot of good things in life. One of the best things women experience in life is pregnancy. It’s the most amazing experience a woman can go through. Aside from this, there are countless good things we can achieve or experience in this life (like modern medical practices) but these are not nearly as rewarding as having a baby.

The best things in life are not always the most popular. Think about the artistic genius of Van Gogh; the intrigue that lies with his name did not materialize until over a hundred years after his death. The same thing can be said about the many remarkable inventions by the underground inventor Nikola Tesla who created AC circuitry. Furthermore, if you look at the independent music scene, you'll notice many times that the best musicians are not always the famous ones. These are all examples of a very striking principle at work here.

It’s the fact that visibility is more important than ability. 

The same principle applies for modern medical practices. Notice how many pharmaceutical solutions there are in the supermarket, pharmacies, and other established places? Now, notice how many natural solutions are being shelved out there. Probably not a whole lot and even if they were, they are rarely presented in this way to compete. The key to realize here is that big pharmaceutical corporations have the capital to shell out millions for advertising campaigns and broker distribution deals with grocery or department chains. Natural solutions simply do not get this type of media recognition because pharmaceutical corporations would merely muscle them out with sheer economic might.

It goes even further.... pharmaceuticals may sometimes fund educational institutions which educate doctors and respective hospitals. The unfortunate thing here is that doctors, despite being honest and well-meaning, may only prescribe based on the paradigm rooted in their corporate-funded education. Even worse, very often popular media will brand natural systems with the connotation of quackery or backwardness. There have even been cases of those who prescribed natural health methods and were outcast as  lunatics.

Even in countries where natural medical paradigms dominated, such as in India or rural China, the profitability of conventional medical paradigms combined with their ability to show an “instant result” has really begun to take hold. 

There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine theory that goes “all diseases are rooted from the mouth”. This really emphasizes that what we eat or breathe is the root of almost every disorder and health problem. We essentially are what we consume. 

This concept is very important for pregnant women to remember. Anything the mother takes, the baby also takes. Medicines clearly affect pregnancy. There are countless  medicines that have warning labels clearly emphasizing the dangers they might cause pregnant women and especially to the unborn babies. 

For example, let’s take the topic of hemorrhoid removal. You'll notice that most doctors readily recommend surgical removal and hardly try much more than a few creams which provide some mild relief in most cases. This does not always serve as a win-win for the patient, especially for pregnant women. Creams can sometimes contain harmful agents that would affect the baby’s development. 

Another predominant theory in Chinese medicine is that all diseases are curable as long as they are not past a certain threshold because the basis of health lies in correcting imbalances. 

If we take this principle and focus on the root imbalance, which is what we consume, we’d certainly take a radically different approach to the problem. Suddenly, the root problem is not only the hemorrhoid, for which I recommend using a natural cure as well, but also your entire digestive habits. Given that hemorrhoids are a common problem during pregnancy, it is important to choose the best possible natural cure for them that will not affect the baby in any way. At the same time, having a proper diet and a lot of fluid intake during pregnancy will also help your digestive system.

Remember that pharmaceuticals want you to believe their way is the best and have used the power of brand marketing to create an impression of credibility. The problem is that their solutions may not always be the best for your body and for your baby.

Holly Hayden is a respected authority on how to cure your hemorrhoids naturally, even those that form during  pregnancy. See hemorrhoid surgery alternative to cure bleeding piles. Holly has become a popular underground speaker on natural remedies in recent years.

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